DT/Consulting Group


Representative assignments include

Business and product plan development. Assistance to start-up and early stage companies in the development or fine-tuning of business and product-specific plans for presentation to industry collaborators, investors, technical and lay audiences

Product and pipeline strategy. Assessment of the organization's science, product portfolio and IP through a process that typically includes a realistic assessment the company's product pipeline, it's competition and recommendations on the strategic alternatives available to achieve success

Prioritization of product portfolio and development of action plan. Optimal prioritization of the company's product portfolio and specific recommendations on whether to maintain, expand or cut programs. These recommendations typically address staffing levels and review various alternatives for either reducing costs and/or seeking alternative funding sources, if appropriate

Product development strategy. Definition and implementation of product development plan, including essential product, manufacturing, safety, regulatory and clinical components, and development of documentation in support of regulatory filings. Typically these assignments also include identification and qualification of external service providers that are best matched to our clients' needs, budgets and timelines

Patent strategy. Patents are a critical part of any organization's asset base. Our approach is to provide recommendations on how to prioritize and optimize the organization's patent strategy to reflect its business plan and to avoid wasteful spending