DT/Consulting Group


The successful development of new products depends on more than simply having superior technology. It depends also on having the right organizational structure, an optimal combination of internal and external talent, well-coordinated and responsive service providers, adequate capital, freedom to operate in an often-complex patent landscape, and the vision and will to persevere in the face of multiple challenges.

DT/Consulting Group can help you find the way to success.

Our advisory practice has helped clients successfully evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, prioritize products in their portfolio, obtain key licenses and acquire patents to help ensure freedom to operate, and raise and invest the appropriate capital to support timely and cost-effective movement of pipeline products in development towards commercial launch.

We have assisted clients with the formation of new legal entities to exploit technology and products, helped structure project teams within existing organizations to maximize internal talent, complemented internal teams with carefully matched external service providers, and helped manage companies in transition during various stages of growth.

We use professionals with complementary expertise and tailor our services to meet client needs and expectations. By deploying customized teams, our clients benefit from a high degree of flexibility, cost-effectiveness and the timely receipt of project deliverables.